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Welcome to the NEW Expedition Imports Website.  We are currently in the middle of some major technology shifts so please bear with us.  Our new site is taking a bit of a more technical perspective and will be integrating technical information at the product level.

We are looking for some feedback.  If you are finding things that are not working for you please do not hesitate to drop us a line and let us know where the problem was encountered.

Featured Products

Superwinch Talon 18 - 24V - Synthetic Line
Superwinch Talon 18 - 24V - Synthetic Line Talon 18,000lb - 24V - Synthetic Line and Hause
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Unimog U1300L RW1 Firetruck
Unimog U1300L RW1 Firetruck Overdrive, Turbo, Hydraulic Winch
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Unimog U1550L - Doka L37 Firetruck
Unimog U1550L - Doka L37 Firetruck As new as you can get and still be legal for road use!
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Removable Platform Steps
Removable Platform Steps THE Solution for getting up in your Pinzgauer
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Pinzgauer Stainless Steel Muffler
Pinzgauer Stainless Steel Muffler High Quality Made in the United States
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