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June 2015:  Expedition Imports has processed a little over 400 orders, to 27 different countries thru our new Webstore.  In the last 5 months we have added over 600 New Parts, primarily in the Diesel Unimog and Pinzgauer Parts sections.  Our first vehicle sale was recorded in 1995. We are rapidly approaching importation and sale of vehicle number 300!

We have processed over 400 support tickets. The ticket system is the #1 way to work with us in terms of communications for orders and technical support. Our Rewards Program has awarded over $6000 in Rewards Points.  We have a lot more in store for our loyal customers.  For more detailed EI happenings don't miss our Uniblog, Events, and Facebook Pages.

Featured Products

Bottom Radiator Hose - Silicone
Bottom Radiator Hose - Silicone Silicone Replacement for 4069870943
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Civilian Ignition Conversion - Unimog
Civilian Ignition Conversion - Unimog There is a reason we have sold over 1500 of these kits!
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